The 3 Best Body Weight Exercises

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According to Men’s Health, click here to see their one minute video of what they consider to be the three best body weight exercises you can do at home. 

FYI….This also applies to women as well.the 3 best exercises, 3 best exercises for home fitness

They recommend squatspushups and inverted pull-ups. They didn’t say free standing pull-ups, because I’m assuming they know that a lot of guys can’t do pullups or chinups either. This is why they recommend ‘inverted’ pullups.

They are easy to do at the gym if you have a squat rack or Smith machine. But how many people have that type of equipment at home?

This is one of the reasons why I created the Work Horse Fitness Trainer. You can easily set it up anywhere (No bolts or doorway needed) and do inverted pullups. It’s a must have for anyone who exercises at home, especially women who have neglected their back and biceps because they can’t do pull-ups. It’s also great for 50% of the male population who can’t do a good set of pull-ups or chin ups either Give it a try, here is is great high intensity, burst workout that you can do in 5-10 minutes for a great whole body workout.

The Work Horse is also great for anyone who is training with P90X and or doesn’t like running to another room to do 1 or 2 pullups!

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