Take the Stress Test

Is Stress the underlying problem to your health concern?

Take the Stress Test…and see if stress is the missing piece of the puzzle!

When you are under stress your adrenal glands produce more of your stress hormones; cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

The problem is that your adrenal glands can only produce so much cortisol and adrenaline before they become depleted and exhausted…which is known as adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.


check-off all the ailments that are associated with stress…

Fatigue and lack of energy

Cravings and low blood sugar

Depression, mood swings, irritability

Difficulty with PMS and menopause

Mid-morning/afternoon slumps

Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

Susceptible to infections and colds

Allergies and Sinus problems

Headaches and lightheadedness

Digestive difficulties

Inability to concentrate and focus

Reduced libido

Difficulty building muscle and tone

Inability to lose weight

You do not select any option

Very good

Stress does not currently seem to be interfering with your health.  However, everyone’s stress levels fluctuate.

Possible Adrenal over-load

Stress could be an underlying problem to your health issues and could be overworking your adrenal glands, which could be throwing many other bodily functions out of balance.

Likely Adrenal fatigue/Exhaustion

Stress is definitely depleting your adrenal glands and could definitely be at the root of your problem.  Constant stress will throw your hormones, metabolism and chemical brain messengers out of balance and be the root cause of your health problem.

The definitive test to access adrenal fatigue is a 24-Hour Saliva Test that measures cortisol, DHEA, insulin and immune capabilities.

Common stresses that overwork the adrenal glands are:

1.   Loss of job or career change.
2.   Death in the family.
3.   Sick or dependent children or parents
4.   Financial obligations.
5.   Stressful relationships at home or work.
6.   Always on the run.
7.   Not enough sleep and rest.
8.   Too much exercise.
9.   Blood sugar imbalances.
10. Digestive difficulties.

Important Note:  If you are experiencing 6 or more symptoms, we highly recommend accessing adrenal function with the 24 Hour Saliva Test to determine how depleted and exhausted your adrenal glands may be.

Lab tests are helpful because they help determine how depleted or elevated certain levels are.  This helps determine a more accurate dosage to follow – which gives us insight as to how long the recovery may take.  Everyone’s level of stress is different – the length of time they have been fighting the problem, and how well you support your adrenals during recovery.