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100% Natural, Zero Calories!

Do you want to make your coffee and tea taste better - Naturally?

Would you like to reduce the acidity from your coffee and tea?

Add a few drops of BrewMins™ to your favorite cup and bring back that smooth, rich taste!
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How does it work

BrewMins™ neutralizes the acidity — for a better tasting cup!
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Simply add 10-15 drops to your favorite BREW to bring out that healthy, smooth taste….Naturally!

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BrewMins™ is Not a Sweetener! 100% Natural with Zero Calories!

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Whether you’re enjoying your favorite brew at home, work, or out and about - BrewMins™ is convenient for any situation!

Don’t add sweeteners or calories to get your favorite brew to taste better – add BrewMins™ and make it Healthier!!!

Our easy-to-carry bottle makes it convenient to take with you or leave by your brew station.
Our proprietary formula of plant based minerals neutralizes the acidity to make your favorite beverage more pleasant tasting….all without adding any calories!

Best of all it’s healthier for you!

Whether you like your coffee or tea black, or with all the fixin’s – BrewMins™ brings out that rich smooth taste.

From a health perspective: We know coffee and tea are acidic on the body – which isn’t good for your overall health.
BrewMins™ neutralizes that acidic hit your body takes — while also making it taste better.

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Two things to remember about coffee and tea

Your WATER matters – because 98% of your coffee and tea is made of water!

Coffee and tea are acidic to begin with – so if you’re using filtered water, which most good cafe’s and home’s use – you’re losing some minerals, which not only affects the taste, but it makes it more acidic!

You can have the best tasting beans, leaves or brew station — but if your water is deficient in minerals….you’re not getting the best taste possible!
BrewMins™ is the most convenient way of improving the taste of your coffee and tea!
Don’t add more sweeteners or calories to your favorite brew…Add BrewMins™


Love the BrewMins, makes the whole cup of coffee taste better and smoother, highly recommend to anyone that loves coffee.
- Nick S.
My stomach (heartburn) definitely noticed the difference – the moment I ran out of BrewMins.
- Jack L.
Definitely Smoothier!!!
- Shannon M.

How BrewMins Began

Dr. Len Lopez is the creator of BrewMins and has been a nutrition and fitness expert for over 20 years, but it wasn’t until having twins that he became an avid coffee and tea drinker. As he likes to say, he enjoyed (needed) the extra pick me up, but also realized that he was adding more acidity to his body.

Little did he know, all the concoctions he was tinkering with to help lower the acidic hit on his body, was also making his coffee and tea taste better. It finally came to him when family and friends would ask what brand of coffee he was serving?
Luckily for him, his background in formulating and manufacturing nutritional products helped him undertake all the tedious steps needed in bringing a unique idea to market.
I hope you give BrewMins™ a try. It may take you a few cups to figure out how many drops you need to add to get that smoother taste, but once you do…it becomes a no-brainer!

Wishing you better health and a better cup!

Dr. Len

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Take the BrewMins™ Taste Test

1. Pour yourself Your Regular Cup of coffee or tea and (add whatever you normally add)…have a couple of sips to get a good taste.
2. Start with 10 drops of BrewMins™. Stir and taste it. You may need to add a few more drops to get it to the taste you like.
3. It’s usually 10-15 drops for a regular 8 oz cup. You may notice a bigger taste difference when using filtered water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BrewMins™ only good for taste?
Not at all. Our blend of minerals and marine-based minerals will help make you more alkaline, which has a positive effect on your overall health. The obvious benefit is of course a better taste.
Absolutely, keep in mind, BrewMins™ is not a sweetener. We are simply adding minerals that may have been lost in the filtration process to help bring out a smoother taste.
Of course, although I would first figure out approximately how many drops you need to add to your standard cup. Every home and filtration system is different, so it might take a few cups to experiment with.
Yes, like anything in life – too much of something isn’t always better. What you can do if possible, add more coffee or tea to further dilute the mineral concentration.
Of course you can. BrewMins™ is a proprietary blend of plant based minerals that can be added to anything to help increase the amount of minerals in your diet. You can add it to your water bottle, shake, pre or post workout drink, etc. It’s Plant Based Minerals!
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