• Is Stress Your Problem?

  • Has Your Metabolism Shifted?

  • Is Your Digestive System Inflamed?

Use our On-Line Health Quizzes to Un-cover the Root of Your Health Issue(s)

Take the Stress Test

Is Stress throwing off your metabolism and causing fatigue, weight gain, cravings, hormonal imbalances, etc. Your body can ONLY handle so much stress!
Check to see if your problems could be a result of too much stress.

Test Your Digestive System

If your digestive system the underlying problem? How do you expect to nourish and strengthen your body if your tummy is inflamed and irritated?. Poor digestion is the root of so many problems.

Test Your Elimination System

Your large intestine, liver and lymphatic system make up the sewer system to your body.  If you struggle with constipation, acne, difficult menses, fatigue, etc, it could be you have too many toxins poisoning you from the inside.

Test Your Metabolism

Has your metabolism shifted? Are you burning fats or carbs and lean muscle? It’s about burning fats the other 23 hours you are not working out. Is your metabolism working for you or against you?

Are You Healthy or Fit?

Health and fitness are two separate things. Test to see if you are healthy and/or fit. Maybe you’re not as healthy or as fit as you thought?

The quizzes help identify the cause of your problem.
You Can’t Address every health issue at once.  You need a step-by-step approach

  1. Identify and Address the Cause(s) of your problem first.
  2. Restore and Repair Normal Function back to your body.
  3. Once you have Restored Normal Function – than you can start to Support and Strengthen your body.

    If you would like a Second Opinion for your health and fitness needs, schedule a half hour consultation with Dr. Lopez.

Getting healthy is Not about swallowing more pills or training longer.
It’s about Eating Right and Training Smart!
eat right and train smart