My Portable Pullup Bar…..aka…..My WorkHorse



Can’t Do Pull-Ups? Do Inverted Pull-Ups!

Pull-up bars are great if you can use them, BUT!!!

  • Most women can’t do pull-ups.
  • More than 50% of men can’t do pull-ups.
  • And they both hate bolting anything to their doorway.

My Portable Pullup Bar™ is the ideal alternative to door mounted pull-up bars. It let’s you off-load a third of your body weight, so both men and women can target those neglected biceps and back muscles.

Don’t Neglect Half Your Upper Body

Push-ups target your

  • Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps

…half your upper body

Pull-ups target your

  • Back
  • Biceps
  • Forearms

the other half of your upper body!

You would never do bicep curls without also targeting the opposing muscles, your triceps. So why would you ONLY do push-ups and NEGLECT half your upper body – because you Can’t do Pull-ups?

It’s Portable – Workout Anywhere

Made of lightweight steel, My WorkHorse™ can instantly be setup anywhere.

  • No Bolts…No Doorways…No Tools Required.
  • Workout in your living room, outside, the office, bootcamp or on the road.
  • Fold it up for easy storage when you are finished.

Because My WorkHorse™ is portable you no longer need to do pull-ups in the doorway or the garage. Continue your workout in the same space. Brilliant!

5-10 Minute Workouts

Short, high intensity workouts activate the fast-twitch, anaerobic muscle fibers.  This stimulates a greater surge of Growth Hormone and Testosterone – two important hormones needed to add lean muscle and burn fat.

  • Try a set of 100’s, 70’s or 30’s.
  • Knock out as many push-ups and pull-ups as you can in 5-10 minutes.
  • Combine the WorkHorse with your favorite aerobic workout .

We are all crunched for time these days. So a short, high intensity, burst workout in 15-15 minutes can give you the results you are looking for.

3 Advantages of Inverted Pull-ups!

  • Both Men and women can do inverted pull-ups!
  • Inverted pull-ups target more of your upper back muscles, the direct antagonist to your chest muscles, than a regular pull-up.
  • Injury Prevention – If you can only do 1-3 pull-ups, that may be a maximum load and stress on your biceps and wrists, leaving your vulnerable to injury.

From the Sports Medicine perspective – Muscle imbalance is a common cause of upper back pain.  Over-training one set of muscles (chest) over another group of muscles (upper back muscles) creates muscle imbalance and is a leading cause of unexplained upper back and neck pain.


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