has your metabolism shifted or has it slowed down?
Which Fuel is Your Body burning when you Workout?
Which Fuel does Your Body burn the other 23 hours of the day?
Burning Calories is Not the same as burning FATS!
…and losing weight is not the same as Losing the Fat and Flab!
Henry Ford said, If you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right.

Garbage in – Garbage out, applies to feeding your body, mind and spirit

“You can burn calories all day long – but if you’re Not burning calories from stored Fats – you’re going to struggle”

Dr. Len Lopez

Eat Right – Train Smart

Most people diet and exercise to Look Better, Feel Better and Sleep Better.  If you’re Diet and Fitness goals have hit a sticking point or plateau, I invite you to read further and watch our videos. You may find the answers you’re looking for.  

Dr. Len’s training and background as a Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Chiropractic Sports Physician has taught him that  ‘just because you ate it – doesn’t mean you absorbed it.”  Nor does simply exercising and sweating for an hour guarantee fitness results.  This is what Eat Right Train Smart is all about.

Getting the most for Your TEAM – Your Time, Energy And Money! 

Come learn how to Eat Right , Train Smart and Think Better

To Look Better, Feel Better, Sleep Better and more…


Do No Harm – To Your Tummy!

If your tummy is constantly irritated and inflamed? How do you expect to Nourish and Strengthen Your Body?

Just because you Ate it – Doesn’t mean you Absorbed It

If What You Eat or How You Eat is Inflaming your Gut – You Need to Fix it!
All that extra protein and supplements you are swallowing and paying for may not be getting absorbed.

Has Your Metabolism Shifted?

You Burn Calories to produce Energy by burning carbohydrates, proteins and fats!

Burning more calories doesn’t mean – burning more calories from FATS.

People who struggle with weight gain, fatigue, cravings, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, etc….are typically burning more carbs and proteins (lean muscle), than Fats throughout the day!

The right diet and dietary habits will keep you in your ‘fat-burning’ zone 23/7

Dietary Dis-Stress

Is your diet adding additional Dis-Stress onto your body.

If your tummy is Inflamed? Or your blood sugar is up? It’s triggering more cortisol.

Cortisol stimulates your metabolism to burn more carbs and proteins, instead of fats.


Don’t let your diet be what’s causing a surge on your cortisol levels. 

think better


Stress is more than worry, fear and anxiety.

Exercise is a form of Stress!

Intensity Matters When it Comes to Adding Lean Muscle

should you exercise when on vacation?

Burning the Wrong Fuel

Stress, Cortisol and Over-Stressing Your Body


4 Tips for Thinking Better



If You Think You Can or Can’t – You’re Right!


think better


Feeding Your Mind is like Feeding Your Body


think better


It’s estimated You have over 50 thousand thoughts a day.


think better


Don’t forget – Your Mind Never Sleeps

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