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Beat Bloating and Gas

eat right - fix your digestive problems

The natural way to reduce Bloating, Gas, Indigestion or any health problem for that matter begins by knowing the Cause. The biggest reason for all those digestive problems is Not Enough Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) not too much acid like western medicine and commercial advertisers tells us.

natural remedies for bloating, gas and indigestion

The Fact is that without an adequate supply of HCL in our stomach, the protein you consume doesn’t get broken down.

So don’t simply think that just because you swallowed it you digested and absorbed it! If you’re all gassy and bloated there is a great chance that you didn’t absorb or utilize all the nutrients in your meal.

Antacids and acid blocking drugs will help reduce the stomach pain, but it Doesn’t address the cause, which 9 times out of 10 isn’t too much acid. Thus bloating, indigestion, gas, etc. continues to wreck havoc on your overall heatlh. You have to remember you eat food for both the macro (carbs, proteins and fats) and micro (vitamins and minerals) nutrients to help nourish and strengthen our body.

The fact that more people are consuming more protein isn’t helping this problem, especially if their doctor is still thinking the problem is too much acid.

If you eat on the run, if you are anxious, on the go…you are NOT allowing your digestive system to activate and do its job, which is to produce the necessary HCL and enzymes needed to digest your food. When you eat on the go, stressed, etc…your body is in the Fight or Flight mode – not the Resting Digesting Mode.

Test Your Digestion and see if poor digestion could be the root cause of your inability to nourish and strengthen your body!

A simple Rule of Thumb is that if you get bloated and gassy soon after eating food with protein, it is a good sign that you don’t produce enough HCL and would benefit by supplementing with a good digestive enzyme that has HCL or adding straight HCL. I’ve had many a patients tell me that they can’t take acid…because they think that’s the problem. However, we give them HCL (some may take 3-7 capsules with their meals) and their digestive issues diminishes.

HCL and digestive enzyme are also a must for anyone following a high protein diet, because you can’t breakdown protein without HCL.

You have to realize that producing acid in your tummy is one of the hardest and most demanding biological processes your body has to do, so if you are stressed and aren’t getting the proper nutrition in your body so it can make HCL…it may be a little difficult for your tummy to make all the necessary acid you need, which is why supplementing is helpful.

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