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5 STEPS to Improve Your Habits and Attitudes

Every day ask yourself....

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We're taking to-do lists and journaling to the next level

It's the physical act of shading in your steps
and visually seeing your progress that anchors
those better Habits and Attitudes

It takes less than 2 minutes a day.

There’s No other Accountability or Self-help program like it!

To Improve Your Life – Improve Yourself
How Good or Bad are you feeding Your Body, Mind, and Spirit?
Let’s get some data with our calendar or journal.
It’s NOT rocket science – it’s Accountability and Feedback!
5 steps a day

CHANGE is not a 4-letter word!

“It’s about Creating Habits and Attitudes
ow for Greater Expectations”

“Not everyone gets motivated by reading or listening!”

Check out our Weekly Journal

Will it take 21 or 90 days
to improve my habits and attitudes?

You are the CHEF - You decide how good or bad
you want to feed your body, mind, and spirit

"If you want tomorrow to be different from yesterday,
you need to do something different today"

My 5 STEPS - Overview


Did I Daydream about my Tomorrow? Did I fall asleep with the remote in my hand? Or worse, fall asleep thinking about tomorrow’s headaches, worries and fears?

You know it’s Not Good to feed your body junky food before bedtime, so why would you FEED Your MIND fearful, worrisome thoughts before bed?

You spend a third of your life asleep, wouldn’t it be better to focus that time onto something more positive, instead of negative and destructive?
5 steps a day sleeping

You Reap what you Sow! Do you replay and dwell on too much negative self-talk? Do you need to feed your mind with more positive, uplifting words of encouragement?

Everyone has worries, fears and anxieties… the goal is to add some more positive self-talk into your internal dialogue to encourage and inspire you.

If you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right!  I simply want to help you start feeding your mind better thoughts and improve the conversation going on between your ears.

5 steps a day think

Garbage In – Garbage Out!  The goal is to eat better – not perfect. We’re not counting calories, fats, or carbs. Or if it was processed, packaged or organic!

For a lot of people Eating right means No second servings, junk food, soft drinks, desserts, candies or late night snacks. You get to decide what kind of diet you want to follow.

The goal is to eat several more good meals than bad. Three good meals in a day is great, and two good meals and one not so good meal still has you moving in the right direction and making progress.

5 steps a day eat

Your Body is Your Temple! It doesn’t matter if it was low or high intensity. Aerobic or anaerobic exercise? Short or a long workout? Did you move your body today?

If you’re looking to lose weight, get in better shape, improve your level of fitness, you need to add physical exercise or activities to your day?
Gardening, walking the dog, mowing the yard, shooting hoops with the kids could all be considered exercise! The key is to physically move your body!
5 steps a day physical

Neglecting Your Spirit is like skipping a meal – it leaves you empty! Your spiritual muscles are like your physical muscles! You can’t exercise once a week and expect to be physically strong.

Nor does being born into a certain religious belief guarantee any spiritual strength. You have to invest some time and energy, as we are all at a different spiritual starting point.

There are several ways to work your spiritual muscles. You can attend service, read the Good Book, good authors, listen to podcasts, fellowship, and of course you can serve.

"It's Feedback and Accountability!"

5 STEPS a Day is tapping into both your Visual and Kinesthetic learning centers to anchor those better habits and attitudes.

5 steps a day

If you’re looking to

Give 5 STEPS a Day a try.

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“motivation will get you started, but it’s habit that keeps you going” Jim Rohn

Your Habits and Attitudes are your personal auto-pilot!

Have you programmed them to help or hinder you?

5 steps a day

Track Your Habits and Attitudes

for Personal Development and Growth

Track Your Habits and Attitudes


It’s an easy to follow blueprint that will enable you to track and measure your progress, while making it easier to accomplish what matters most.
Craig Sabin
Executive Business Coach
The 5 STEPS are straightforward. Simple to understand and digest!
Stephen N.
Financial Advisor
It’s Not Rocket Science-It’s Accountability and Feedback!
Do you prefer a Weekly Journal or a Monthly Calendar
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5 steps a day


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About Dr. Len Lopez

Dr. Len is a nutrition and fitness expert, as well as, inventor. For over 25 years he has preached Eat Right – Train Smart for better health and fitness. He has also been an avid student of personal development and believes, if you are what you eat and what you think – you get to decide what goes in your proverbial pantry for your body, mind and spirit.
drlen lopez