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Post Workout Supplements

post workout supplements

post workout supplements  What should i take after my workout?  Protein? Creatine? Carbs?

I was recently asked, as a panel of several other experts, what my thoughts were.  You can read my thoughts, as well as, the other experts in the panel by clicking on this link

I did cut out and paste my thoughts on the link above, but in a nutshell I am talking about….

  1. Pre and Post Workout support from All the Physical Stress you placed on your body.
  2. A good workout will trigger Inflammation, Free Radical Damage and Acidity – make sure you counterbalance that otherwise you could be over-whelming your body.
  3. You also want to Calm Your Body Down

Appreciate you taking the time.  The big takeaway I hope you can get from your workout and post workout recovery is that – its the other 23 hours of the day that are critical in how your body rebuilds and repairs itself.

Your workout only amounts to about 15-20% of your results.

another 15-20% of your results come from Rest and Recovery, which is why Sleep is so important.

But 60-70% of your results, that you can see in the mirror, come from your DIET!!!  So, make sure you are not just swallowing a bunch of expensive powders and vitamins.  You need to absorb what you are consuming!  How do you expect to nourish and strengthen your body, if almost every time you eat something – you get bloated and gassy!

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