Digestive Enzymes for Digestive Problems

Digestive Enzymes are a natural remedy for digestive problems

Digestive Enzymes are a natural remedy for digestive problemsBefore you swallow more fish oils, green drinks or eat more protein – you need to make sure your body is absorbing all the nutrients you are consuming!  With so many people struggling with digestive issues, its surprising more people aren’t taking a good digestive enzyme.

Just because you ate it – doesn’t mean your body absorbed it.  This applies to both the food you eat and the supplements you swallow. 

If your tummy regularly gets bloated and inflamed – there’s a pretty good chance you are not absorbing all the nutrients from your diet. Simply stated, you could be paying for a lot of expensive food and supplements, that aren’t helping you, until you fix your digestive issues.

If that’s you, instead of taking some antacid or acid blocking medication, grab a bottle of Digestive Enzymes.

A good digestive enzyme will basically do what your body isn’t doing, which is providing your digestive system the various digestive juices your body is supposed to produce when you Sit, Eat and Relax….

Oh, you’re eating on the run, in the car, in a hurry — you absolutely need a digestive enzyme, because you’re not giving your body the time it needs to produce the various enzymes and hydrochloric acid (HCL) It Needs to Properly Digest a meal.  That is exactly the reason you need a good digestive enzyme.

If you struggle with bloating, gas, heartburn, irritable bowel, GERD, etc….all that irritation and inflammation in your gut is hampering your ability to utilize those important nutrients you are probably taking to help nourish and strengthen your body.


Yes, Probiotics are great, but they have a different job than what digestive enzymes do.

I especially like digestive enzymes when I’m eating on the go and or eating something that doesn’t have a lot of its own enzymes.  For example, a health (protein) bar, shake, pre-cooked packaged food, etc.  They don’t have very much if any enzymes to help with the digestive process.  This is especially important if you are not giving your digestive system the necessary time it needs to produce those important digestive juices needed.

Are you eating while your body is in the Fight or Flight Mode (Sympathetic mode)
or the Resting Digesting Mode (Parasympathetic mode)?

Keep in mind, fruits and veggies are loaded with enzymes, it’s the people who are eating packaged, fast foods and shakes that are typically void of any enzymes that would benefit in taking a digestive enzyme to help curb those various digestive complaints.


What to Look for in a Digestive Enzymes

The two big things to look for in a digestive enzyme are hydrochloric acid (HCL) and Ox bile, which are needed to breakdown proteins and fats.  The reason for this is simple, more people are eating more protein and fats than before to help with weight loss and their metabolism.

Ox bile is a must, if you’ve had your gall bladder removed and HCL is a must for anyone eating more protein, because you CAN’T break down protein without acid.  The stomach is designed to withstand an acid environment, and the notion that too much acid is the problem is wrong most of the time.  Typically it’s the undigested protein that is rotting and putrefying in your tummy, due to a lack of HCL, that is common culprit to your digestive problems.  Remember you are not activating your digestive system, when you eat on the run – so how are you making HCL????

So before you swallow another omega 3 fish oi, multi-vitamin or any other herb or entree – grab a good digestive enzyme to ensure your tummy doesn’t get irritated and inflamed.


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