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Authority Magazine Asks Dr. Len

Authority magazine dr len lopez

Authority Magazine asked me what are 5 Tweaks for Better Health and Fitness

The above link is for the entire article, but wanted to include a short section for your quick read.  I hope you find the information helpful.


A Summary of Dr. Len’s 5 Tweaks for Better Health and Fitness:

Eat Right — Train Smart is my simple motto that encompasses two basic laws of health and fitness!

It’s NOT what you eat — it’s what your body absorbs and eliminates!

At about age 35, everyone starts to lose about a half-a-pound of lean muscle a year.

That being said, here are 5 health and fitness tweaks for better results.


Good health and fitness begins with Diet and Digestion.

How do you expect to Nourish and Strengthen your body — if every time you eat, your tummy gets irritated and inflamed?

When you Sit, Eat and Relax — You allow your Digestive system to Turn-On and produce those all-important digestive juices, needed to breakdown and absorbs the nutrients in your meal.

When you eat on the go, in the car, in a hurry — you don’t give your digestive system a chance to turn on.

“It’s like washing your clothes without adding detergent.”

Those digestive juices are important and play a major roll. Without them, you get this partially digested food runny through your digestive tract, rotting and fermenting inside you. Maybe that could be the real cause of your digestive problems?

2. Exercise is a form of STRESS!

Can Your Body Handle the Additional STRESS?

stress is cumulative

If your body is already loaded down from stress — how do you expect it to respond when you add more physical stress?

Low intensity, aerobic exercise is Suppose-to be Stress Reducing. Unfortunately, most people let their ego’s get in the way and do their aerobic exercise at too fast of a pace for their current level of aerobic conditioning. This makes it Stress Producing — Not Stress Reducing on the body.

This is probably the most common mistake I come across and a major reason for sticking points and plateau’s.

3. Your Workout Intensity Matters!

your workout intensity matters

Yes, the more intense your workout — the more stressful it is! But the more intense your workout — the more testosterone (TT) and growth hormone (GH) you produce!

That’s a good thing, because these two hormones work to burn fat and build lean muscle. More importantly, they Slow the Aging Process and will keep you from losing that half-a-pound of lean muscle a year.

But if you lolly-gag through your workout and don’t really Stress Your Body, when it’s time to push yourself. You don’t produce as much TT and GH and that could be why you’ve lost some of your lean muscle over the years. Keep in mind that the intensity level or your level of exertion for a 30–60 minute run or class is not the same as that of a 5–10 minute high intensity workout, when done properly.

4.Burning the Wrong Fuel!

to burn or not to burn fat is the question

Burning calories is not the same as burning Fats!

You burn calories for one simple reason — to Produce Energy! You do that by burning calories from Fats, Proteins and or Carbohydrates. That’s it — those are your ONLY 3 fuel sources!

The goal for your metabolism is to burn calories from that big reservoir of fats we have stored-up and around our body, for the 23 hours of the day we’re not working out. And make sure you’re NOT Burning Lean Muscle for the one hour you do workout!

So often people unknowingly end up burning lean muscle (proteins), instead of fats and carbs, when they workout. Can you say cellulite!

5. Turn Your Workout OFF!

Your workout is when you tear your muscles down, it’s the ‘Catabolic’ breakdown phase. The quicker you can Turn-Off that Catabolic phase — and activate your body’s Anabolic Rebuild Repair phase, the better your results.

Unfortunately, a lot of people finish their workout and stay in that ‘catabolic’ phase by racing for a shower, hustling off to work, kids, meetings, shopping, whatever.

The point is they stay in that hurry up, got-to-go lifestyle, which keeps their stress hormones elevated and keeps them in that ‘catabolic’ phase much longer than they think.

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