Eat Right – Train Smart


3 tips for Eating Right…


1.  Do No Harm – To Your Tummy!eat right - fix your digestive problems

    • If your tummy is constantly irritated and inflamed?  How do you expect to Nourish and Strengthen Your Body?  
    • Just because you Ate it – Doesn’t mean you Absorbed It
    • If What You Eat or How You Eat is Inflaming your Gut – You Need to Fix it!
    • All that extra protein and supplements you are swallowing and paying for may not be getting absorbed.

2.  Has Your Metabolism Shifted?

    • You Burn Calories to produce Energy by burning carbohydrates, proteins and fats!to burn or not to burn fat is the question
    • Burning more calories doesn’t mean – burning more calories from FATS.
    • People who struggle with weight gain, fatigue, cravings, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, etc….are typically burning more carbs and proteins (lean muscle), than Fats throughout the day!
    • The right diet and dietary habits will keep you in your ‘fat-burning’ zone 23/7

3.  Is Stress that Missing Piece of the Puzzle

    • The best diet could be thwarted by too much stress and cortisol
    • Cortisol stimulates your metabolism to burn more carbohydrates and proteins, instead of Fats.
    • An Inflamed Gut or allowing your Blood Sugar to spike-and-fall triggers a surge in cortisol  

4 Tips for Training Smart… 


1.  Exercise is a form of Stress!Exercise is a form of stress

    • Can your body handle the additional stress?
    • Not all exercise is Stress Reducing
    • The more intense your workout – the more cortisol you produce
    • Maybe you’ve over-loaded your body and that’s why you haven’t been able to burn the fat and add lean muscle!

2.  Intensity Matters If You Want to Add Lean Muscleintensity and exercise

    • The more intense your workout – the more testosterone (TT) and growth hormone (GH) you produce
    • I didn’t say, the longer you ‘fatigue and exercise’ your body – I said the More Intense Your workout – the more you spike your TT and GH.
    • TT and GH builds lean muscle – and after age 35 keeps You from Losing Lean Muscle
    • Aerobic, low intensity, endurance training are great, but do they spike you TT and GH enough?

3.  Burning the Wrong FuelBurning the wrong fuel

    • The worst thing you can do when you exercise is Burn Lean Muscle (proteins), but it happens All The Time1
    • The intensity (the pace) of your workout determines if you burn Sugars (carbs and proteins) or FATS for energy.
    • Don’t assume your aerobic workout is ‘fat-burning’ – you could be training at too fast of a pace, and be burning carbs and proteins (lean muscle) for energy….NOT FATS!
    • It’s OK to burn sugars – but if you think you are burning FATS and you Aren’t and You Don’t have enough Carbs in you to get your through a workout. You’re Burning Lean Muscle (proteins) for Energy.

4.  Stress, Cortisol and Over-Stressing Your Body

    • True aerobic exercise is stress reducing
    • Doing your aerobic activity a little too fast for your level of conditioning is Stress Producing
    • Are your workouts more intense than you think?  Which triggers more cortisol?
    • Do your workouts and lifestyle keep your cortisol levels elevated, which could be slowing down your results?
    • Have you had your cortisol levels measured?

Exercise is when you tear the body down…it’s the ‘catabolic’ breakdown phase.  The quicker you get your stress hormones back to normal after a workout – the sooner you activate your body’s Natural Anabolic Rebuild and Repair phase.  

Don’t let the stresses of your day, hurry-up, go-go-go, etc….keep you in your catabolic phase longer than you need to be.


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