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Exercising on Vacation – Yay or Nay?

should i exercise when i'm on vacation

should you exercise when on vacation?Should you exercise when you go on vacation?  That depends, in my opinion, a vacation is a vacation from work, dieting, going to bed early, waking up early…what else?

There are essentially only 2 types of exercises I recommend doing when on vacation, maybe 3.  I like walking and yoga or stretching.  As I said earlier, I’m on vacation and I’m going to splurge and eat and drink a lot of the things I don’t normally consume.  So, why would I want to stress my body out with some type of physically demanding exercise and then poorly Nourish my body?

The Cost Benefit Factor of Exercising on Vacation

About 15 to 20 percent of the results you get from your workout come from your actual Workout.  Another 15 to 20 percent of your fitness results come from Rest and Recovery.  Another 60 to 70 percent of your results come from your DIET!

Let me say it another way.  Would you rather invest your money on something that is going to give you a 15% return or a 60% return?  I believe it’s a no-brainer, but I’m not a financial investor.

Exercise is when you tear the body down, it’s that catabolic breakdown you’re doing to your body.  But it’s when you rest and nourish your body, that you allow your body to flip the switch and activate your natural Anabolic Rebuild and Repair process.  But if you’re not going to feed your body all the nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair the body, why would I physically abuse my body, while on vacation?

Exercising on Vacation is a STRESS to the Body

In case you forgot, most exercise is a stress on the body.  And you’re pumping out more cortisol and working, possibly over-working your adrenal glands when you exercise.  But are you nourishing your body after you workout?  Or do you knock down a few beers and fancy drinks by the pool, along with any other sugary snack when you’re on vacation?

This is why walking and yoga are great to do on vacation, as well as isometrics.  When you walk you’re getting that aerobic workout, which I know a lot of people don’t do enough of.  Or at least don’t realize that they are doing their aerobic workout too fast when they workout in their normal week.

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Casual walking is easy on the body, and you are doing something physical.  It may not be as physically demanding as you want – but you’re on vacation.  You’re getting some positive benefits.

Yoga and stretching are another form of exercise that can be done at an intensity that is rejuvenating to the body.  So, take advantage of your vacation and relax.  Let your body recover and repair while on vacation.  When you get back home and want to go kick it up a notch…. that’s when you do it.

As far as isometrics.  I like them because you can get a quick little workout in a few minutes.  More importantly, you’re getting that testosterone and growth hormone surge that always does the body good.

It’s not that I’m against exercising when on vacation.  It has more to do with how I am going to feed and nourish my body while on vacation?  For me, I’d rather not bust a gut exercising and feel guilty for eating and drinking some of the less than nourishing foods while on vacation.

I think next time, I’ll talk about what supplements you might want to take, while on vacation.

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