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DIY for Bloating, Gas and Indigestion

irritable bowel, leaky gut, bacterial over-growth

The other day I spoke about the need for hydrochloric acid (HCL) and that most people struggling with gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, reflux or any

natural help for indigestion and heartburn

 other basic digestive problem is a result of a lack of HCL and or digestive enzymes. I should have also mentioned a quick little test you can do besides using the online health quizzes to Test Your Digestion.

If after your next upset stomach, preferably right after your meal, swallow about an ounce of apple cider vinegar, preferably organic.

You probably want to dilute it with an ounce or two of water, because it is pretty acidic and not the most tasty thing to swallow. But you could be adding some much needed acidity to your stomach content to help breakdown the protein in your meal. If it seems to help relieve your tummy or shorten the miserable feelings you get after a meal – take that as a good clue that you aren’t producing enough hydrochloric acid.

I’m a big fan of organic apple cider vinegar, but if you notice the improvement you can either keep on swallowing ACV with each of your protein meals, or swallow some straight HCL in capsules. I prefer the capsules! ACV is even tough for me to swallow on a regular basis, and I can drink and have sampled just about anything.

Another quick tip….if you get bloated and gassy shortly after a meal that is another good clue that you are probably lacking HCL (hydrochloric acid) and would do better by supplementing your diet with HCL or a good digestive enzyme.hcl for protein digestion,

There were a couple of other thing I didn’t mention about the cause of digestive problems and the Important – How to Fix or Repair Your Digestive Problem. But you also need to start paying attention to possible ‘Food Allergies‘ and or Food Sensitivities, which is usually what the problem is. And also Food Combining. I”ll talk more about those another time.

FYI….if you do an elimination diet for 2 weeks, to see if you are allergic to coffee, wheat or dairy… have to eliminate ALL the Most Probably Offenders such as; dairy, wheat, corn, soy, coffee, MSG, etc. Just eat meat, chicken, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds….isn’t that what we’ve been eating for hundreds of years?

If you only take out one of the possible allergens – you are wasting two weeks of your time, because that is a useless and worthless attempt to try and test to see if you are sensitive to one specific food. I hate saying it, but it is an All or Nothing thing! Take All those possible allergens out of your diet for two weeks and see how you feel…that is a much better way of testing.

We can also talk about yeast and parasites…but did you ever think that your yeast, parasitic over-growth was brought on because you didn’t have enough HCL in your stomach to kill off those invading offenders? So, don’t get mislead into thinking your digestive problems are a result of too much HCL, it’s usually the opposite, but addressing those little invaders also needs to be done too.

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