Why a Portable Pull-up Bar

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Why a Portable Pull-up Bar

Dr. Len Lopez – Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here are a few simple reasons why a portable pull-up and push-up bar may be the last piece of home fitness equipment you need.

1.  It’s Portable!  Set it up anywhere.  If you want to workout in the living room, outside, the office, on the road….wherever.  It’s convenient and portable.


2.  No bolts or doorways needed.  You don’t have to run to the garage or closet to get a set of pull-ups in.  In fact, No Tools Required at all!

3.  Total Upper body development.  Most people who train at home will do some type of push-up, but neglect pull-ups….which means they’re Neglecting half their upper body.

Push-ups target your chest, shoulders and triceps….half your upper body.


Pull-ups target your back, biceps and forearms………the other half of your upper body.

The last point, which is probably the biggest benefit is that almost everyone can do Inverted pull-ups (most women can’t do pull-ups and more than 50% of men can’t do pull-ups).  You get the same great benefits of a regular pull-up, but by off-loading a third of your body weight – it makes those impossible pull-ups possible!

Door mounted pull-up bars are great, BUT 

How many women buy and use pull-up bars?

How many men over 35 can do a set of pull-ups?

The simple fact is that about 85% of the population Can’t do pull-ups.  Most people hate bolting anything to their doorway and hate pausing their DVD to run to the closet. So if you train at home and aren’t doing some type of pulling or rowing exercise to target your back and biceps – and want the convenience of working out anywhere.  Give the portable pull-up bar a try, it may be the last piece of home fitness equipment you buy.

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