Why Acid-Alkaline Balance is Important

low testosterone and acid alkaline balance

Did you know your body has to work harder when you are acidic?  And that your body may need to produce twice as much of a specific hormone (low testosterone, low progesterone), when you are acidic in comparison to when you are more alkaline. acid alkaline balance for low testosterone This applies to all your hormones and neurotransmitter (brain messengers), you produce.

So, if you are trying to raise your testosterone to help burn fat and add lean muscle.  Or if you already know you are struggling with hormonal imbalance (low progesterone, estrogen dominance), you might want to first look at your acid-alkaline balance.

In simple terms, the more acidic you are, the more prone to ill health you are.  Whereas, the more alkaline you are, the likelihood for better health exists.

Think of your acid alkaline balance of your body like the soil of your garden.  It’s literally the environment every cell, tissue and organ of your body lives in.  So, is the soil in your proverbial body – better for growing weeds or green shrubs?

Why is acid alkaline balance important?  Bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microbes, including cancer cells, are the weeds to your body and thrive in an acidic environment.

What Makes Us Acid or Alkaline

Diet is the biggest factor, but exercise also has some input.  Foods that make you more acidic are foods made with processed white flour, processed white sugar, which are a lot of your pre-packaged, convenience, fast, junk foods.  So, a majority of the foods that come in a wrapper are probably Acidic.

Grains are largely acidic, as are proteins, and nuts. acid alkaline balance

Beverages that make you more acidic are: soft drinks, soda waters, with all the phosphoric acid they have, as well as, coffee, tea, certain juices, along with sports and energy drinks.  Alcoholic drinks are more acidic producing, especially if you are mixing them with various juices and flavors.

Foods that make you more alkaline are foods that have lots of minerals, which are your fruits and vegetables.  Maybe this is why, the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables can be so important to your health?

Measuring Your Ph Levels

With some Ph paper you can quickly measure both your salivary and urinary Ph levels.  Do these tests first thing in the morning for 5 days in a row to get a more accurate and average reading of your salivary Ph levels.

Here’s how, as you get out of bed in the morning and walk to the bathroom, tear off a 3 to 5 inch strip of Ph paper, and place it on your mouth and get it wet.  It should take only a second or two.  Then compare it to the chart on the package.  When your finished walk over to your toilet and tear off a LONGER strip of Ph paper.  Sit or stand, to each their own, and using a mid-stream pee….and wet the Ph paper and compare it to the package to access your urinary Ph levels. 

What about Exercise?  Exercise can also make you more acidic, especially if you are producing green drinks for antioxidants lots of lactic acid because your workout is moderately intense or more.  This is why I am a big fan of Green Drinks. Not only do they help keep you alkaline, they are also loaded with antioxidants, which counter-balance all the free radicals a good workout produces.

In summary, getting more alkaline is a simple game of addition and subtraction.  Add more alkaline foods (fruits, veggies or Green Drinks), while at the same time Subtract as many of the acid producing foods in your diet.

I’m a BIG Fan of Green Drinks, they are helpful for acid-alkaline balance, post workout recovery and providing antioxidants to fight free radicals – which slows the aging process.  Who doesn’t want that?

FYI…Osteoporosis is a result of too much acidity – not a lack of milk!  What happens, is your body starts stealing calcium from your bones and teeth to counter-balance and buffer all the acidity.  Wouldn’t reducing the acidity in your body, be a smarter thing to do?  So, eat more fruits and veggies or using a great drink daily and become pro-active in your health care, not reactive.

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