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Slow Metabolism or Metabolism SHIFT

Slow metabolism or metabolism SHIFT?

For all those who struggle with losing weight and think their metabolism has slowed down – think again. Maybe your metabolism HASN’T SLOWED DOWN, but instead, it has SHIFTED. Could it be that instead of burning fats 23/7 – you could be burning more lean muscle (proteins) and carbohydrates.
has your metabolism shifted or has it slowed down?
Your body burns calories for one simple reason – to produce energy! Your metabolism can burn either carbohydrates, proteins or fats for energy. Those are the only three choices, much the same way a firepit will burn twigs, small branches and big fat logs for heat. Your metabolism is designed or prefers to burn calories throughout the day from the breakdown of fats more so than carbohydrates and proteins.

Sure you can create heat (energy) by burning twigs (carbs) and small branches (proteins).  But you have to continually keep throwing twigs (carbs) and small branches (proteins) into the firepit to generate that heat.  The big fat logs (fats) give you more heat (energy) when you burn them.

Has My Metabolism Shifted

Here are 3 things that cause your metabolism to shift

The Wrong Diet

Too many carbs! It’s worse if your carbs are mostly from processed, refined foods, because it causes your blood sugar to spike or go up and down more quickly throughout the day. The problem with regards to weight loss has more to do when your blood sugar starts going down. Your adrenal glands start releasing cortisol to bring your blood sugar back up. The problem with that is that it shifts your metabolism from burning fats for energy, to instead look for quick energy, namely carbohydrates. That’s what cortisol is designed to do, get you quick energy by burning carbohydrates.

The problem or the double-whammy from this quick fix, is if there aren’t any readily available carbs to breakdown. Your metabolism will proceed to burn the next best option which are proteins (lean muscle). And the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself if you are trying to get rid of the fat and flab, is burn the Wrong Fuel, but it happens all the time.


Skipping Meals or Waiting too Long to Eat – when that happens you allow your blood sugar to drop for an extended period of time, which triggers your adrenal glands to pump out some additional cortisol to bring your blood sugar back up. Again, this is a fail-safe system your body has designed within itself. What is cortisol going to do? It’s going to raise your blood sugar, by burning the quick energy available, which are carbohydrates first, BUT if you haven’t eaten in a while, your body will look for that second best fuel source, which are proteins (lean muscle).  This is a No-No!

Too Much Stress – if your life is constantly on the go, on the run, in a state of stress and hurry-hurry, go-go-go….your adrenal glands will start pumping out more cortisol. What is cortisol going to do? It’s designed to get you some quick energy, so you can fight or flight! Where do you get quick energy from? Carbohydrates!

What if there aren’t any easy access carbs available – it will go to its next fuel source which are – Proteins (lean muscle).

So, before you start thinking your weight loss struggles are due to a slow metabolism. Look again, maybe your metabolism has simply SHIFTED and is now BURNING MORE CALORIES from the Breakdown of Carbohydrates and Proteins (lean muscle), because of the Wrong Dietary Choices, Dietary Habits or Too Much Stress.


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