Can’t do Pull-ups?  Try My Portable Pull-up Bar!

Don’t Neglect half your upper body because you can’t do pull-ups!
Don’t hassle with bolting anything to your doorframe!
Don’t run off to the garage to do pull-ups!

85% of the Population can’t do pull-ups!

  • Most women can’t do pull ups and…
  • More than 50% of men can’t do pull ups either.

The Solution – The Work Horse Fitness Trainer™

Now Everyone Can reap the benefits of My Portable Pull-up Bar!

Pull-up bars are great!  If you can do them! 

But how many women buy and use a pull-up bar?

How many men over 35 buy pull-up bars?

Reap the same great benefits of pull-ups and do ‘inverted’ pull-ups!

  • Get a complete upper body workout in less than 10 minutes with My Portable Pull-up Bar
  • Endorsed by doctors, athletes, fitness champions and trainers.

Best of All – No Tools Required! and No Bolts to attach to a doorway

  • Don’t workout in your closet or doorway
  • Use it in your living room, outside, the office, on the road
  • Don’t stop P90X because you can’t do pull-ups

Push ups target your chest, shoulders and triceps…half your upper body!

Pull ups target your back, biceps and forearms…the other half of your upper body!

Don’t Neglect half your upper body, because you can’t do pull-ups!

When you’re finished …fold it up and store it away.

It’s lightweight and portable…use it in your boot camp.

No Tools Required – Sets up in minutes!

Ships ONLY in Continental USA