How easy is it to setup and assemble?

No Tools Required!  There are 4 bolts (knobs) that you tighten with your hands. The Work Horse is designed to allow the legs to fold together allowing you to store it against the wall, behind a chair or under the bed. (see picture)

It’s made of light weight steel…and you can get a 36 inch wide hand-grip for pull-ups, and the pull-up bar sits about 31 inches off the ground. 

It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and pretty much anyone up to 6 ft. 4 in. tall can use it.  The gentleman to the right is 6’5″ tall.   

Yes, the biggest plus are ‘inverted’ pull-ups or ‘modified’ pull-ups as they are also called. works the muscles between your shoulder blades, your rhomboids and mid trapezium muscles. It’s these muscles that pull your shoulders back and don’t get used enough, especially if you spend lots of time at a desk or in front of a computer with your shoulders constantly pulled forward. 

Absolutely, inverted pull-ups are the perfect solution for women by ‘off-loading’ a third of your weight. It makes those ‘impossible’ pull-ups…possible.  Women can now target those neglected back and bicep muscles.

Absolutely!  Muscle imbalance is a root cause of aches and pains. Both men and women over-train their chest muscles, because it is easier and convenient and often times neglect the opposing back muscles. The Work Horse can help you exercise those neglected back muscles. 

Performing one or two maximum lifts or pulls is very stressful on the body and increases your chance of injury. The quickestand safest way to add shape and tone to your body comes by stressing your muscles at least a minimum of 5-7 reps. So unless you can do that with regular pullup or chinup, it would be smarter to train with the Work Horse and perform inverted pull-ups.

Push-ups are great for half your upper body.
Push-ups target your chest, shoulders and triceps…half your upper body.
It’s that pulling motion that comes with pull-ups that target your back, biceps and forearms…the other half of your upper body.

If you’re not happy for whatever reason simply return the Work Horse in 30 days with proof of purchase and we’ll refund the cost of the Work Horse, less shipping and handling- No Questions Asked!

Yes, since the Work Horse folds up, it is pretty easy to carry 3-5 Work Horses in your car or SUV.  If you have a smaller car you can easily disassemble the two ‘knob’ bolts that hold the horizontal bar together for a more compact storage.  It only takes seconds to reconnect and tighten the bolts again.

The horizontal bar sits about 32 inches off the ground.  It is 36 inches wide and weighs about 15 pounds, which makes it strong and sturdy for anyone up to 300 pounds.  Anyone up to 6 feet 4 inches tall should be able to use the WorkHorse for pullups.

It is made of lightweight steel and weighs 15 pounds, which makes it light enough to be portable and strong enough to hold up to 300 pounds.

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The Work Horse was created by nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Len Lopez.  His background in sports medicine and strength training gave him the insight into the needs of people who are looking to not only get in shape, but also reduce aches and pains .

dr. len lopez

Ships ONLY in Continental USA