30 Day Pushup Pullup Sprint Workout

Best Push Pull Workout

My 30 Day Push-Pull-Sprint Workout

Dr. Len Lopez – Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Here is a quick 30 day full body workout that you can do two to three times a week in 30 minutes.  It is a short, high intensity workout, designed to pump-up your testosterone (TT) and growth hormone (GH) to help you add lean muscle to your whole body, including your backside. 

The only thing you may need besides some good running shoes, will be somewhere you can run straight ahead for 30-45 seconds, as well as, a place to do pushups and pullups. 

My push pull workout for upper body

Fyi…If you can’t do pull-ups, or there is not’t a park with an area to do pushups and pullups on, you might think about grabbing My Portable Pullup Bar

To start, you definitely want to warm-up, especially your hamstrings and gluteus, so we don’t pull anything and can’t workout.  Start with walking, than an easy jog for at least 5 minutes to warm up, especially your hamstrings and gluts. Don’t forget to walk backward, when you can – this is a great movement to help stretch your hamstrings, gluteus (hip extensors) and achilles.  (Please make sure you consult with your doctor before you start any fitness program)

Push-up — Pull-up — Sprint (2)

Do 10-20 Push-ups —  rest for 20-30 seconds

Do 10-20 Pull-ups —  rest for 20-30 seconds

Sprint Away for 20-45 seconds — rest 60-90 seconds

Sprint Back for 20-45 seconds — rest 60-90 seconds……start all over again, that’s one set.

Knock out another 3 or 4 sets….it should take about 30 minutes of actual workout time.

–       Remember, it is a sprint….Not a jog for 20-45 seconds!

–       Rest No more than 30 seconds after pushups and pullups.

–       Rest No more than 90 seconds after your sprint.

This is somewhat of a High Intense workout. So, you are going to have to challenge and push yourself, especially in the final couple of sets.

The more intense your workout – the more Testosterone and Growth Hormone you produce.

There are several reasons why this is such a good workout.

–       It’s short.  Less than 30 minutes.

–       High Intensity. This allows you to crank up your TT and GH levels.

–       Targets your whole body

o   Pushups hit your chest, shoulders and triceps — half your upper body.

o   Pullups work your back, biceps and forearms — the other half of your upper body.

o   Sprints hit your lower body, especially the backside of our body that so many people are always trying to improve.


You can modify the workout by doing it on a treadmill, elliptical or bike — instead of sprinting outside…just make sure you do two sets of legs for each set.  You will get a big return on your backside if you sprint outside, but that doesn’t always work for everyone.

I hope you get as much out of this workout as I have. 

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