The Benefits of CryoTherapy

 The Benefits of CryoTherapy


If you’ve been struggling with arthritis, aches and pains in your joints and low back, muscle sprains/strains, headaches, or post workout, weekend warrior pains, you should give Cryo Therapy a try!

Its basic goal is to lower inflammation, which of course lowers pain.  Inflammation is what signals pain, which is why some of us turn to anti-inflammatory drugs.  Don’t forget, your body is its own pharmacy and can make its own anti-inflammatory molecules.

To do cryotherapy, you stand in an enclosed chamber and the temperature drops to a negative 200 degrees or lower, in a matter of seconds, by the use of liquid nitrogen.

This causes your whole body to constrict and disrupts the whole inflammation pain pathways. So, by reducing inflammation – you reduce pain.

We try to do the same thing with ice paks, but for localized pain such as our shoulders, back, elbow, etc. But the cold can only penetrate so deep within our tissue and skin. 

What’s nice about cryotherapy and an ice-bath, is that you can immerse your whole body.  What’s different and better than an ice bath, is that it’s rapid, like flash freezing, and it only lasts for about 3 minutes.  The slow freezing process of an ice pak or bath follows different biochemical pathways from the rapid flash freezing, which is why it is able to disrupt those inflammatory pain pathways and provide pain relief.    

How to Prolong your Cryotherapy

If you want a bigger bang for your Cryo-Buck, look at your diet and or supplement protocol.  Just as cryotherapy can hit the whole body at once, you can also trigger a systemic effect that lasts for days and weeks by adding essential fatty acids (EFA) to your diet.  The EFA’s, the omega-3 fish oils are your natural anti-inflammatory. 

To begin with, saturated fats (omega-6) promote inflammation, while unsaturated fats, the omega 3 promotes the anti-inflammatory pathways in your body.  Saturated fats aren’t necessarily bad!  It’s the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fats that’s the REAL problem!  Over the past 100 years the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats has gone from 4 to 1, up to about 20 to 1.  This is because of all the processed, packaged, junk foods are loaded with omega-6 arachidonic acid.

This puts your body in a more inflammatory state due to the imbalance of saturated to unsaturated fats.  The simple remedy is to change your diet and eat more fish, nuts and seeds, good oils and EAT Less of the BAD Stuff.  And or take some omega-3 fish oils to close that ratio.   

EFA’s and fish oils will help reduce your pain, PLUS help with heart health, hormonal imbalance, brain function and so much more.  Don’t forget they are called ESSENTIAL FATS, because we have to consume them to get them.  Our body can make saturated fats on its own, but NOT the EFA’s….we have to eat them!.  Give them a try.

FYI…if you get that fishy taste, it’s either your gallbladder isn’t working well, or it is not a very good quality nutrient.  

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