Why I Like Green Drinks

pre and post workout meals

If you’re NOT eating 6-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day.  Here is why you should consider taking a good Green Drink.

First and foremost, you have to taste it!  The neurological signals you activate when you taste or smell something is what actually gets your digestive juices going, as compared to swallowing a tasteless pill and hoping your body recognizes it.  Taste and smell are built-in signaling mechanisms, not just for digestive purposes, but also for safety and survival.

In case you didn’t know it, one of the primary reasons it is suggested to take your supplements with food, is because you just activated all your sensory signals in your mouth and nose from eating.  So, this tasteless pill or capsule that might not get recognized, if taken on an empty stomach can be fully utilized when taken with food.

Secondly, green drinks are alkalizing.  This is so important in maintaining good overall health, because the more acidic you are, the more prone to ill health you are.

Fyi…..  It’s the minerals found in fruits, veggies and various grasses that make Green Drinks alkalizing.why a good green drink

Yes there are some fruits and veggies that are on the acidic side, but for the most part, they are alkalizing on the body.  It’s the processed, refined, packaged foods, grains, sugars, soft drinks, coffee, tea, sports and energy drinks, as well as, protein drinks that make you more acidic.


The Chicken or the Egg

Is it the alkalinity of fruits and veggies that make you healthier?  Or the simple fact that fruits and veggies bring the needed vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that your body needs to maintain good health?

Here is a simple DIY test you can do to check your Acid-Alkaline Balance

FYI….exercise produces lactic acid.  Athletes, and  those of us who regularly exercise are producing more acidity within our body, so be smart and counter-balance all the acidity, free-radical damage and inflammation a good workout puts on your body with a good Green Drink.acid alkaline balance for low testosterone

The 3rd reason I like green drinks is because many of the multi-vitamins on the market today are formulated with synthetic vitamin and minerals that have been formulated in a lab.  Whereas most of your good Green Drinks are essentially fruits, vegetable and grasses that have been dried and processed so as to maintain their original un-adulterated composition.

FYI…anyone struggling with diabetes, pre-diabetes or blood sugar problems should be taking a good multivitamin or green drink because every time you go pee, all that excess sugar is coming out of you and it is carrying out a lot of vitamins and minerals with it.

The 4th reason I like green drinks is because it’s providing your liver, your primary detoxification system…all those vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals needed to help clean and detoxify your body.  The reason some people need to do a good detox once a year, is because their regular diet is void of many of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in fruits and veggies.  So, spare yourself your annual detox and use a Green Drink on a daily basis for better health and fitness.

The last reason has more to do with basic patient/consumer compliance.  It’s a bit easier to consume the recommended dosage from a scoop of something mixed in water.  Compared to having to swallow 4-6 pills of one supplement bottle in a day.

Think of a multivitamin like a suitcase.  You can only pack so much into one suitcase.  If you want to stuff more clothes (vitamins) into the suitcase – you need a second or larger suitcase.  So, not only can you can pack a lot more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs, etc, in a scoop of green powder than you can typically pack in one capsule – it’s also easier to take one scoop of something, as opposed to 4-6 capsules.

So if you are wondering where to start when it comes to getting or staying healthy, I suggest starting out with a good green drink.


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