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my 5 minute HIIT push pull workout

I was recently interviewed for my thoughts on High Intensity Interval Training.  As you can imagine, My 5-minute Push Pull Workout makes me a fan of HIIT training for 3 simple reasons.


  1. Short and Quick workouts, so you can’t complain that you don’t have enough time to workout.  Get your workout in and be done!
  2. Intensity Matters!  A short, high intensity workout will spike your testosterone and growth hormone, more so than an hour workout that pushes you more towards exhaustion than failure.  That’s how you add lean muscle and burn fat! 
  3. The majority of people who aren’t trying to be on the cover of a muscle magazine – simply exercise to Look Better, Feel Better, Sleep Better and Have Better Sex.  Those results can all be reached with short 5-15 minute High Intensity Interval workouts.  More than that, a lot of people hit sticking points and plateau’s due to over-training.  When you cut your workout time from 45 minutes down to 10 minutes – think about how much less stress you are putting on your body?  Give your adrenal glands a break.

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Muscle & Strength

HIIT is a great way to become stronger and more athletic.

Just don’t expect to get huge muscles.

Dr. Len Lopez writes:

“HIIT workouts are NOT good for people who want to bulk up and add lots of muscle and want to be on the cover of muscle magazines.”

The reason? Progressive overload (the key to muscle growth) is difficult to achieve with HIIT.

You can do weighted HIIT exercises, but with an emphasis on tempo and short rest periods, it’s difficult to lift heavy enough and hard enough to drive muscle growth.

However, you can develop solid strength and muscle tone with just bodyweight or lightly weighted HIIT workouts. Pair this with solid fat loss, and you can get a really well-sculpted body.

Dr. Lopez writes that HIIT, done properly, will probably give 80% of the population the exact physique result they’re looking for.

Just don’t expect it all to happen right away.

In your first month, you can lose a couple of pounds of fat (if you’re eating right) and get dramatically stronger on bodyweight movements like squats and push ups.

You’ll look more athletic and toned, but hardly super muscular.

(For more muscle growth, try strength training with calisthenics.)

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