Burning Fat or Lean Muscle?

burning fats or burning calories

Whether you know it or not, when you exercise, you body burns calories to produce energy so you can get through your work out.  Your body produces energy by burning calories from fats, proteins or carbohydrates.  Those are the only has those 3 fuel sources or options.burning fats, 

The problem for a lot of people is that they end up burning proteins (lean muscle), more so than the stored body fat they have!

Whether you are working out or sitting around the house, your body burns calories.  Those who are successful at taking the weight off and keeping it off are those who consistently burn calories from stored body fat.  Those who struggle with weight gain, fatigue, cravings, cellulite or the inability to add lean muscle are usually burning lean muscle and carbohydrates.

The goal for most people is to burn off the fat around their body, and add some muscle or simply get rid of the fat so you can see the muscle you have.

The Wrong Diet, Wrong Workout routine, and or Too Much STRESS in your life will trigger your metabolism to burn more lean muscle (proteins) and the carbohydrates (glucose) you have available instead of burning stored body fats.

Burning calories – is not the same thing as burning calories from fats.  You can burn calories all day long, which for a lot of people, they are burning proteins and carbohydrates – Not Fats.  So, if you’re metabolism is burning the wrong fuel source you are never going to get the physique you are after.  You’ll struggle with fatigue,and a whole host of other possible health issues….And let’s not forget the terrible ‘C’ word…Cellulite.  

Your metabolism is responsible for burning calories, but it is only doing what it is being triggered to do by the hormones you are activating by your diet, workout and stress levels.  Check to see if your metabolism has shifted and is burning the wrong fuel.  If your metabolism is the problem, you need to re-program it so it will burn fats the way it is supposed too. 

  • Is your diet the problem?
  • Could your workout be the problem?
  • Is there too much stress in your life?

Whatever it is you need to address those issues if you hit a plateau.  One type of diet or workout may be good for one person, but Depending on Your Current Level of Health and Fitness – it may not be the best diet or workout for you.  Lastly, don’t forget that your body burns calories for the 23 hours you are NOT working out, so it’s pretty important to make sure your metabolism is working for you and not against you.

You can find more information about diet, exercise and stress in “To Burn or Not to Burn – Fat is the Question” and you can also keep following my blog.

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