Are Bent Knee Situps Good For You?

Bent knee situps are so much better for you than leg raises, hanging leg raises, V-ups, 6-inches or any type of ab-roller. 

diy test for tight hip flexors and back pain

Learn how and why you should definitely add this exercise to your workout routine, especially if you struggle with low back pain.  More importantly learn this simple DIY test to see if you are at risk of low back injury or that unexplained low back pain that keeps you from exercising.

Tight hip flexors are a huge cause of unexplained low back pain, that is commonly overlooked by many doctors, chiropractors and therapist.  This simple DIY test will help you determine if tight hip flexors (psoas muscles) are contributing to your low back pain.


Simply lay on your back, with your legs straight for about 60 seconds….take a mental not of how you feel, how your low back feels, etc.

Next, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.

Does bending your knees make a difference?  If it feels better, it’s an obvious sign that your hip flexors are tight and need to be addressed by someone who knows what they are doing.  If there is No difference….your hip flexors are probably not involved.

If you automatically know that you can’t lay straight without having to bend your knees to take some of the pressure off of your low back, you can pretty much be assured that you have tight hip flexors.  If you do too many of the wrong exercises, you will definitely increase your risk of low back pain, and this applies to all those who simply noticed on the DIY test that their low back felt better when they bent their knees..  

I hope that helps, and you come back for more information on health and fitness.


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