Affiliate Program – My Portable Pull-up Bar

This is the affiliates section for My Portable Pull-up Bar.Best pullup bar for beginners, women and anyone who can't do pull ups

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Dr. Len's Portable Pull-up Bar - Affiliate Program


What is an Affiliate program?

It’s a program that helps you earn money by promoting Dr. Len’s Portable Pull-up Bar on your website, e-mail messages or through social media.

How does it work?

You post a banner/image or links to your website, and we will pay you a commission each time someone orders.

What’s the benefit?

We pay You a 10% commission from all sales clicked from banner or links from your website and/or efforts. Once a month we deposit funds into your PayPal account.

How do I Sign up?

Go To the link above and apply.  Once we review and approve your application you can start generating additional revenue for your referral of My Portable Pullup Bar.  Once approved, you will receive access to your own Dashboard and track your earnings.