BrewMins for Better Tasting Coffee and Tea

Better tasting coffee

If you’d like a better tasting cup of coffee?  Or are looking to reduce some of the acidity from your cup of coffee you need to try BrewMins™.

BrewMins™ is a simple and convenient way to make your coffee and tea taste better, by reducing the acidity and making it healthier for you – Naturally!

Acid reducing coffeeWe all know that coffee and tea are on the acidic side, and all that acidity can be taxing on both your stomach, as well as, your overall health. So, what BrewMins™ does is add back some of the minerals that are commonly lost in the brewing process.

The two major benefits of adding our proprietary blend of minerals is that it will improve the taste of your coffee and tea, as well as, reduces the acidity hit it has on your body. 

In case you didn’t know it, minerals are very alkalizing on the body, and are very pleasing to your taste buds.  So the more minerals you have in your cup of joe – the more satisfying the taste will be, along with making it a bit healthier for you! 

One shortcoming for a lot of coffee and tea drinkers, is that they forget that more than 98% of their favorite brew is made of water.  You can use the best coffee beans or tea leaves on the market but the final taste of your coffee or tea can vary depending on the quality of your water. 

Acid reducer for coffee and tea

Are you using tap water?  Is it filtered?  Softened? Reversed osmosis? 

Tap water may have some additional tastes or odors you don’t want, and most of your filtered and softened water has taken some of your minerals out – which is going to make your favorite brew even more acidic.  Fyi…most of your store bought cups of coffee and teas are made using filtered water.

BrewMins™ is not an artificial sweetener!  It helps make your black coffee taste a bit smoother and brings out a rich, smoother taste.  It doesn’t matter, if you like yours black or with all the fixing’s. It’s simply designed to improve your taste, by reducing the acidity – Naturally!  Give it a try – it only takes 10-15 drops.

“Give your taste buts a treat – and your tummy a break”

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