Why is Cellulite a Problem?

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Why is Cellulite a Problem?

Dr. Len Lopez – Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Is cellulite a problem?  Is it getting worse, even though you diet and exercise?

Could the Wrong Diet or the Wrong Workout Routine be throwing off your metabolism and triggering your body to burn lean muscle instead of stored body fat?

Cellulite is basically the muscle shrinking and the fat cells around the muscles becoming bigger.  Basically your gluts (butt muscles) and hamstrings (muscles on the backside of your leg) begin to shrink….while at the same time the fat cells around the muscles become bigger. 

The reason the muscle shrinks is that instead of your metabolism burning FATS, it burns carbohydrates and proteins (lean muscle) for energy.  Your body can only burn carbs, proteins or fats for energy.  Those are the only 3 options.

If your metabolism isn’t functioning properly, you’ll burn muscle instead of fat.  This is why it is often said, “yeah I’m working out and I’m still the same size I was a few years ago, but I’m not nearly as firm and toned, as I want to be.”  This is because their metabolism has shifted and has gone from burning fats, which is the way the body is designed, and is instead burning carbs and lean muscle for energy.  Use our online health questionnaire to Test Your Metabolism

What Controls Your Metabolism are Hormones.

I’m talking about the hormones that regulate your metabolism which include insulin, glucagon, cortisol, adrenaline, testosterone and growth hormone.  These hormones are largely produced in response to your diet, your workout, and STRESS.

When putting together your diet and workout program, you have to also consider your current level of health and fitness.  In other words, what symptoms and maladies are you dealing with?  Is your metabolism off, are there blood sugar issues, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, that are taking your out of your fat-burning zone the 23 hours you are not working out?    

Let’s not forget how stress can affect your metabolism and ruin the best diet and workout routine and trigger your body to burn lean muscle instead of fat.

So, if you struggle with cellulite or have hit a plateau from all the dieting and exercising you are doing.  Maybe you need to change or adjust your diet or workout routine to complement your current level of health and fitness, so you can get rid of the cellulite that doesn’t want to go away.

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