Why Chiropractic?

From the Desk of Dr. Len

Why Chiropractic?

Dr. Len Lopez – Thursday, October 01, 2015

It was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who said about 2,400 years ago, “look first to the spine for disease.”

One of the biggest reasons why a think Hippocrates believed that, is because every muscle, organ, gland and nerve in your body runs through your spinal column.  Meaning your nervous system is connected and controls, and regulates everything within your body.  So if there is a problem with your muscles, organs and or glands, it’s possible that the nerve information that is responsible for regulating everything is being interfered with.

More and more research is proving that spinal manipulation, most often performed by chiropractors and some physical therapist is one of the best solutions for back and neck pain.  The reason is simple to understand – our spinal vertebrae’s get out of juxtaposition, thus placing pressure or impinging the nerve information being sent to our muscles – thus pain. So a good spinal adjustment helps remove that nerve interference, and allows the body to respond and heal itself and remove the pain.

Remember the body is designed to heal itself.  When you get a cut, do you have to mentally tell your skin to re-connect?  Or if you get a sunburn – do you control how your skin regenerates? Or do you consciously turn on a ‘fever’ in order to help kill the infection?  Of course not!  Your body has its own innate healing abilities.  What interferes with it is us!  

Our daily activities, or in-activities, along with our dietary choices, sleep patterns, and stress – burden our body, and puts us at risk for not only aches and pains, but also other health conditions, that you don’t often think can be helped with chiropractic care.   

Chiropractic is a natural healing arts that has been well researched for mostly aches and pains, but chiropractors, some not all, are well trained in nutrition, diet, supplementation, homeopathy, and acupuncture, as well as, sports medicine and pediatrics.

The point is that if you are looking for answers for your aches and pains, and or other health related issues – or don’t want to continue to take medications for prolonged periods of time, you should give chiropractic a try.  Do your homework, when you look for a chiropractor, as some may only specialize in pain management, while others offer additional expertise in natural, holistic medicine.  Call them and ask them if they have worked with your health condition or similar problems?  I’m partial to those who are schooled in applied kinesiology, sports medicine and nutrition. 

Most of all, if you’re not getting the results from your current health care provider – that includes your current chiropractor, and are looking for a more natural, holistic approach.  You might seek the services of someone different, who might have a different perspective, skill level or background, i.e. a second opinion! 

One of my favorite things to hear from patients and clients were, “this is different from what I’ve been told before,” which made me feel good, because I wanted to change the outcome.  If I recommend the same procedure or protocol – you’ll get the same outcome.  So to change your outcome and improve your health or fitness level, we needed to something different!  Not crazy, it still needs to make practical sense!  So keep that in mind as you search for better answers to your health and fitness questions and problems.

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