Should I Ask My Doctor about Using Vitamin Supplements

Should I Ask My Doctor about Using Vitamin Supplements

Dr. Len Lopez – Friday, August 03, 2018

I’m often asked if I should ask my doctor about using vitamin supplements to help.

My typical response is – it depends!

If your doctor uses nutrition and supplements to improve the health and well being of himself, his family and his patients – they could be helpful!  However, you don’t ask a poor person how to make money, so why would you ask a doctor who doesn’t use supplementation for the health and well-being for themselves or their patients to comment on their benefits?

Today doctors are very specialized.  You don’t ask your cardiologist about your achy joints, or your OB/GYN about your digestive problems.  Most doctors practice ‘reactive’ medicine, and treat symptoms, more so than addressing the cause of the problem, which in many cases can be helped with the Right Diet and Supplement plan for their current health condition.

As great as our medical system is in some areas, we struggle with chronic, degenerative health issues such as….arthritis, diabetes, fatigue, colitis, irritable bowel, insomnia, depression, osteoporosis, blood pressure, etc…which do much better with a change in diet and supplement plan.

So, if you struggle with various health issues that aren’t getting better and you don’t want to take a medication you would be wise to seek a more natural, holistic approach.  The one thing people need to understand is that we typically eat 3 times a day.  The question is are you eating foods that are healthy and nourishing?  Or do you eat more processed, packaged foods that don’t have a lot of health benefits?

Secondly, are you digesting and absorbing those important nutrients?  Just because you ate it doesn’t mean you absorbed and utilized it.  It is so common to see so many patients/clients who struggle with digestive issues such as bloating, gas, heartburn, irritable bowel, leaky gut, Crohn’s, colitis….that are all related to an irritated and inflamed digestive system.  You have to clear this up!   

How do you expect to nourish and strengthen your body, if you aren’t absorbing those nutrients?  Which means how do you overcome or improve on any health issue – if your digestive system is inflamed?  A healthy gut is a major foundation in overcoming any chronic health related or degenerative matter.

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