Revving Your Metabolism

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Revving Your Metabolism

Dr. Len Lopez – Monday, December 23, 2013

Boasting your metabolism is a catchy phrase to sell products and

magazines, but stimulating your metabolism is more about triggering your body to breakdown stored body fat for energy instead of the carbohydrates and proteins. Unfortunately most people struggling with weight gain, fatigue, cravings, mood swings, etc., are usually breaking down carbs and lean muscle instead of fats.

Your body burns calories for One Reason – to produce energy. It’s a lot like a fireplace and how your body burns three different type of wood to create heat. What happens is your body breaks down calories from either carbs, proteins and or fats. Those who are successful in losing weight, overcoming fatigue, etc…..are able to trigger their metabolism to burn more fats for energy instead of carbs and protein.

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Those who struggle with all those symptoms are usually burning carbs and proteins more so than fats…..this is why they may cut their diet, eat less calories or fats, workout and still can’t lose any weight…it’s because they are burning lean muscle and carbs…NOT Stored Body Fats.

You can create a lot of heat (burn a lot of calories) by constantly burning small branches and twigs. The problem is that you have to constantly keep placing more of those pieces of wood in the fireplace. Isn’t that the same for someone who is having to eat every 2-3 hours so their blood sugar doesn’t drop. It’s when you can tap into the energy of those big fat logs that you will start seeing a difference.

The body is designed to burn fat for energy easier than proteins or carbs. It produces more than two and a half times more energy (ATP is the unit of measurement or currency your body uses) when it breaksdown fats than it does protein or carbs. The key is understanding that various hormones trigger whether or not your body will burn carbs, proteins or fats.

Losing weight is not simply about burning more calories than you consume…it’s not a simple math equation. You have to look at what regulates your metabolism and it’s hormones, they are like ‘middle-managers’ they tell the body what to do.

Dr. Atkins realized that carbohydrates or meals predominately made up of carbs triggered more insulin than glucagon. Insulin causes your body to store fat, while glucagon helps burn fat. Is it any wonder that protein triggers an increase of glucagon, and a major reason why someone eating more protein is more successful at losing weight and upping their energy level.

Where Dr. Aktins left off was that stress triggers more cortisol and adrenaline – two hormones that tell your body to burn carbs and proteins – NOT Stored Body Fat! So even the best workouts and diets can be halted if you are constantly under stress and have lots of cortisol racing through your body.

The takeaway is don’t buy into the marketing gimmick of revving your metabolism with this or that product. It’s All about making sure your body is burning more fats instead of carbs and lean muscle. Most of what I discussed here can be found in To Burn or Not to Burn – Fat is the Question.”


FYI…Burst Training, Interval, High Intensity Training are great ways of increasing testosterone and growth hormones, which have great positive effects on your metabolism.

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