Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Dr. Len Lopez – Friday, May 11, 2018

Women Fitness Magazine and Home Business Magazine have both selected My Portable Pullup Bar as one of their Top 10 Gifts to give mom this year.
So, if you are looking for something to get your mom this year and she is into fitness or wants to get fit, or is a mompreneur and works from home and doesn’t have much time to get to the gym to workout.
See why these 2 respected magazine see the value in My Portable Pullup Bar.
Below are the two links you can read.  Don’t forget it’s never too late to think about getting something special for MOM!  So, if your mom is into fitness, but hasn’t had the time to workout and is looking for something to help her get a quick 5 minute workout My Pullup Bar could well be the answer.
What’s great about My Pull-up Bar is that if you are looking for an easier way to do pullups or an alternative to doing pullups, or simply can’t do pullups and don’t want to bolt a door mounted pullup bar in your doorway, we have the solution.

Home Business Magazine

Women Fitness Magazine

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