Is it OK to vomit after a workout?

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Is it OK to vomit after a workout?

Dr. Len Lopez – Monday, July 28, 2014

I was recently asked if vomiting was a good sign of a good hard workout?

NO, it’s not!  Vomiting during a workout is more of a sign that you haven’t digested your meal enough – to allow for a good hard workout.

You have to remember, proteins and fats may take about 2-4 hours to digest and clear out of your stomach, whereas carbs and fruits can take less than an hour.  So depending on what you ate?  And how intense your workout is going to be?  Will more than likely determine if you are going to puke or not.

Too often, I work with people who tell me they need a snack before their workout that might consist of maybe some peanut butter, yogurt, cheese or a protein shake….which may not be bad or wrong.

BUT – It’s going to depend on how intense your workout will be?  And how long after you eat will you start your workout? 

If you eat some proteins and or fats (peanut butter, cheese or a protein shake) – that might take a few hours to digest and you do an easy aerobic workout, it shouldn’t be a problem.  

But if you have that same snack and don’t give yourself 2-3 hours to completely digest your meal and do a gut busting workout.  There’s a good chance you might see your lunch again, especially if you are already known to have digestive problems such as bloating, gas, heartburn, reflux, etc.

FYI….If you get bloated and gassy shortly after a protein rich meal or shake, it’s a good sign you’re not breaking down your protein and will probably do better (reduce bloating, gas, etc.) by adding some hydrochloric acid to your meal. 

If you feel you need a little extra boost for your workout and it’s going to be a tough workout, and you don’t have a lot of time to digest your meal.  Eat some fruit!  Fruits take about 30 – 45 minutes to digest.  And they’ll give you lots of carbs to help you through that tough workout. 

Don’t forget, proteins don’t give you energy or help you through a workout.  It’s carbohydrates that give us quick energy, which you need and want during a tough workout.  Protein is needed after the workout to help re-build all the muscles you tore down during your workout.

Eating the wrong thing or not giving yourself enough time to digest your meal is a common mistake, and one I talk about in “The 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes”

Remember, it’s not what you eat – it’s what your body digests and absorbs!  If you’re swallowing lots of protein and get bloated and gassy – I can pretty much guarantee you that you are not fully utilizing all the protein you are paying for and eating. You the online health quizzes to see if digestive problems could be slowing down your results.

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