How to Tell If Your Vitamins are High Quality

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How to Tell If Your Vitamins are High Quality

Dr. Len Lopez – Monday, January 23, 2017

The simplest way to tell if your vitamin supplements are of high quality is to first look at the type of minerals they use.  Grab any multivitamin or supplement and look to see what type of calcium, magnesium and or zinc they are using.

Are they using Carbonates, Oxides and Sulfates?  Such as calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide or zinc sulfate?

These are the least expensive forms of minerals, as well as, being poorly absorbed and utilized.

Some of the better forms of minerals are the lactates, citrates, aspartates, malates and glycinates.  I believe the best forms of minerals are those that are chelated.

Chelated minerals are those that are already somewhat formulated, so that they can be absorbed and utilized.

Remember, just because you swallowed it – doesn’t mean you absorbed it!  Your digestive system and liver are part of an assembly line that takes those nutrients in our food and converts or repackages them so that they can be absorbed and utilized. Everyone’s digestive, elimination, immune, cardiovascular systems, etc are under different stresses and therefore have different capabilities. 

If you struggle with digestive issues and liver problems, your ability to re-package and formulate all those nutrients in our diet and supplements becomes less efficient.  This could be why you may not be getting the results you expect from your supplements.  Or it could also be the simple fact that you’re not addressing the real cause to your aliment(s).

If the supplement label only states; calcium, magnesium, etc…without telling you what form.  You can pretty well bet that they are using the cheapest forms.  Unfortunately the majority of nutrition manufacturers use the inexpensive forms – and the majority of consumers don’t know how to tell the difference or what to look for.

There are some other simple keys to look for with regards to activated versus inactive forms of vitamins, to determine their quality, which I’ll discuss another time. But the types of minerals used in your supplement will give you a good and quick tell-tale as to their quality.

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