Can You Be Healthy and Over-Weight?

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Can You Be Healthy and Over-Weight?

Dr. Len Lopez – Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let’s not confuse health with fitness – they are two separate things!  Recently there have been some articles stating that you can be healthy and overweight. Whether that is true, is probably different for everyone.

First, remember that your body is like a chain, in that your body is only as healthy as it’s weakest functioning system.  So even though you may have this great looking physique – it doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy!

Good fitness can typically be thought of as:


  • –          Can you do 10 push-ups and pull-ups?
  • –          Can you do 25 situps?
  • –          Can you run a couple of miles?
  • –          Can you touch your toes?
  • –          Can you hold your breath for a minute?
  • –          What’s your percentage of body fat? Etc?

There are a number of questions you can direct towards fitness – that have nothing to do with overall health.

With regards to health.  I think you have to look further than simply ‘absence of disease’ or as some folks state, absence of insurance ICD code.  Health or good health should also ask:

–          Do you struggle with occasional or frequent headaches?

–          Do you struggle with fatigue or lack of energy?

–          What about digestive issues? Bloating, gas, indigestion, etc?

–          How about low blood sugar or hypoglycemia?

–          Mood swing or depression?

–          Allergies? Acne? Constipation? ETC???

–          What about PMS? Hormonal imbalances? Low T?

I hope you can see that these set of questions are completely different than  questions that pertain to fitness, and I didn’t even ask if you are overweight, which according to most experts would move you into the unhealthy bracket.

The point I am trying to make is that yes, you may be fairly fit and exercise regularly – but exercise and health are two different things.  Don’t get them confused and assume that simply exercise alone will cure all your health needs. Or that because you exercise you are healthy?

Exercise is great and everyone should be doing some sort of exercise regularly – BUT Exercise is a Double Edge Sword.  If you’re following the wrong workout program for your current level of health and fitness level, your exercise program could be counterproductive for what you are trying to achieve. 

Exercise is another type of stress you add to your body, so depending on how well your body can handle the additional stress will determine the results you are looking to see in the mirror.  

Over-training isn’t simply spending too many hours in the gym or on the track

Over-training is something that quickly happens when you aren’t training correctly for your level of health, fitness and symptomology.  You have to consider everything.  So whether you can be overweight and healthy is another one of those…..It Depends!  

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