Better Workout Results

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Better Workout Results

Dr. Len Lopez – Thursday, May 11, 2017

A common problem for a lot of people who exercise is that they aren’t seeing enough results from their workout, which sometimes causes people to exercise harder or longer. More often then not, it is when people start hitting a sticking point or plateau from their exercise routines.

There could be a number of reasons for your lack of results such as:

  • –       Wrong Diet – for You
  • –       Wrong Workout – for You
  • –       Your Workout Is Not Stressful Enough
  • –       Too Stressful of a Workout – for You
  • –       Not Enough Rest and Sleep

Hitting a plateau or sticking point is somewhat common, but before we discuss what the right diet and workout program should be.  Let’s first set the groundwork to which all are results are rooted in, so we can train smarter – not harder or longer.

  • –       About 15-20% of your fitness results come from your Workout
  • –       Another 15-20% of your results come from Rest and Recovery
  • –       60-70% of your results come from your DIET!!!

That being said, where do you need to be spending more of your time, energy and effort?  At the gym or in the kitchen?  This pretty much applies to anyone who actively exercises, even those who are competitive.

Exercise is when you tear the muscle down,  It is the ‘catabolic’ breakdown phase that usually last anywhere between 15-45 minutes for most people.  This is when you activate your sympathetic (fight or flight) mode and kick-up your stress hormones.  This is the time for many of us to mentally get a way and de-stress.  However, any type of  intense physical exercise is stress producing on the body!

The question is, can your body handle that extra stress?

What about the other 23 hours of the day?  At least 7 of those hours are going to be sleeping?  The rest of the day, when you are not actively exercising, you are activating your parasympathetic (resting/digesting) mode.  This is when your body activates your ‘anabolic’ repair and re-build phase.

Don’t make the mistake and over-emphasis your workouts at the expense of poor rest and eating habits. The catabolic phase is important, but remember it is during the anabolic phase that your body repairs and re-builds.  Make sure you give your body the needed nutrients and rest it needs.

Lastly, some food for thought, to all those who are dieting and exercising correctly and can’t get over their plateau.  Maybe you need to look a little deeper and make sure your digestive, elimination and or hormonal systems are not hinder your body’s ability to actively kick-up your anabolic system.  Your body doesn’t have a endless supply of testosterone and growth hormone, and your metabolism, digestive system, elimination system, and hormonal system may not be working as efficiently as it was 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

It’s about training and dieting smarter – not harder or longer!

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